SharePoint 2010 Conference Australia

This was one of the best conferences I have ever attended.

The conference was held in Sydney on June 16 / 17 2010.

I almost missed my flight,Luckily I made it! I would like to blog the whole experience of what caused the delay for me to get to the Airport and how I made it.

The conference was held at Hilton,Sydney,Yes the one on George Street! No prizes for guessing,Hilton is only a few steps away from the Apple Store Sydney 🙂

Here are the details of the sessions that I attended: I will be updating this blog as and when I remember something that I could have possibly missed out.

Even before I forget to mention: The notes for the entire conference was typed on my iPad 3G using the iWorks App,and I should say that it rocked.

Day 1 | 16 June 2010

Keynote: By Arpan Shah.

I missed the first 20 minute of the Keynote,I believe one of the delegates has recorded the entire keynote,I will update this section soon.

Arpan has blogged about the conference:

What’s changed in Visual Studio 2010:

What’s Changed for Developers with Visual Studio 2010 and SharePoint 2010 – 200 Level

SharePoint’s strength as a development platform improves in this new release. This talk will overview the major changes such as building visual web parts and consuming RESTful web services. We’ll also look at something called sandbox solutions and will introduce the new client object model. Finally, we’ll cover the improved tooling in Visual Studio 2010 which will help simplify the development and packaging of your SharePoint WSP solutions.

By Randy Williams

Topics covered include

  1. Item templates
  2. Project System
  3. SP Connections in Server Explorer
  4. Microsoft Visual Studio Demo [Visual WebPart]
  5. Sand box Solution
  6. Grid view web part
  7. Workflow Continuum
  8. Visio assists in the Workflow development [Skeleton Ofcourse]
  9. Overview of Data Technologies : External List
  10. REST API
  11. Client Object Model Sample
  12. REST and Client Object Model
  13. ADO.Net Data Services
  14. Silverlight WebPart
  15. Silverlight and Silverlight Runtime namespaces
  16. Feature Designer “awesome” followed by demo to deploy the silverlight web part
  17. Sandbox Solutions (site collection level)
  18. Integration with Team Foundation Server

More about Randy:

Randy is a Senior Solution Architect and Trainer for Synergy Corporate Technologies. He has 20 years of eclectic IT experience and his focus for the last 13 is architecting and developing Microsoft-based web and database solutions. Randy writes for Windows IT Pro magazine and contributes to books. He has a master’s degree in Information Systems along with a number of Microsoft certifications. For 2009 and 2010, he was awarded the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) in SharePoint Server. Randy is based in Singapore and runs Synergy’s operations there. In his spare time, he helps run the SharePointPROs.SG user group.

Deep dive into Feature Versioning and Upgrade Support in SharePoint 2010:

By Jeremy Thake

Spoke about his Technical White Paper,Click here

  1. Introduction
  2. Declarative
  3. Imperative
  4. What to watch
  5. How to prepare 2007 Solution Packages
  • Field
  • ContentType
  • ListInstance
  • WebPart
  • Workflow instance

6.Versioning in 2010

  • One Farm many versions active


Site A -version | Site B – version

  • Upgrading features declaratively


  • Get-command -noun “SPWeb”
  • Shutdown Power Shell scripts – Demo script will be made available
  • Attach the debugger to the Power-shell window

7. Tips:

  • Don’t forget to change the definition
  • Always quit power shell when rebuilding WSP
  • **ULS log viewer
  • Sandbox solutions upgrades to all sites unlike to an individual site
  • Feature Upgrade Object Model
  • Presentation on the blog
  • Start versioning your features
  • Look for the Deprecated API’s

About Jeremy:

Jeremy Thake is an Independent SharePoint Consultant in Perth, Western Australia. He is also a part-time Microsoft Virtual Technical Specialist. He helps facilitate the Perth SharePoint User Group and is the founder of Jeremy has all four MCTS certifications for SharePoint 2007 and is a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT). He has spoken at various events across Australia such as TechEd Australia, Microsoft Innovation Days, User Groups and organised SharePoint Saturday Perth.


By Todd Bleeker

  • Demo to show the difference between REST AND LINQ
  • Aggregation such as SUM,MAX etc possible only with LINQ
  • Client OM

More about Todd:

Todd Bleeker, Ph.D. and MVP, is an industry leader in Microsoft-centric software development, specializing in SharePoint products and technologies. Todd is an innovative, resourceful, and competitive technologist with an intense desire to excel. Todd joined Mindsharp in 2004 as co-owner and CTO to help establish the strategic technical plan for Mindsharp’s educational and consulting assets. In addition to writing and teaching cutting-edge SharePoint training courses for Mindsharp, Todd also architects innovative assets that help Mindsharp’s clients improve their content management capabilities.

SharePoint Designer 2010:

By Kathy Hughes

Currently authoring book on SharePoint designer 2010

  1. What’s new?
  2. Design approaches
  3. Snapshot of new design features
  4. Master pages – Nightday.Master [server specific]
  5. Ribbon
  6. Status bar
  7. Dialog framework
  8. New theming
  9. Silverlight web part, REST
  10. New Debugging feature – Correlation ID “awesome”
  11. Demo – Nightday.Master for site as well as System level,theme able CSS restrict only font,font color..etc
  12. Toolset Continuum
  • SharePoint Designer 2010
  • Visual Studio 2010
  • Visio 2010
  • Powerpoint 2007/ 2010
  • Browser Tools

More about Kathy:

Kathy Hughes, SharePoint MVP, is an independent SharePoint Consultant based in Sydney, Australia. Her main area of interest is in architecting and customizing SharePoint, and .NET deployments, specifically from a usability and design perspective. Kathy has co-authored several books on SharePoint and developed SharePoint Designer courseware, which is trained globally. Her new book,SharePoint Designer 2010 Unleashed – is due out in 2010

Governance and Reporting

By Elaine van Bergen

Day 2 | June 17

Content Deployment:

By Mark Rhodes


  1. Situations for Content Deployment
  2. Security concerns
  3. Site Performance
  4. Identical content,different farm topology
  5. What doesn’t it do?
  • Will not take anything stored outside the site collection
  • Will not move configuration data or service application data
  • Will not move solutions,features,assemblies
  • Not designed for back up or restore purposes
  • No alerts,audit trail
  • Bi-directional replication

What’s new in 2010?

  • Support for 2000+ pages on single site
  • Web Analytics
  • AJAX
  • SQL server snapshot support
  • Publishing Sanity
  • Content deployment aware event handling
  • Support for multi tenancy
  • Paths and jobs

Content Deployment Anatomy: Path

– Export Phase

  • Full deployment or incremental deployment
  • Check change token
  • Export files
  • Package files
  • Transmission phase
  • Transmit files
  • Poll destination status
  • Copy in Progress
  • Copy completed

– Import Phase

  • Import processing – Import Completed – import successful – Update Change token – send notification emails
  • Import Failed – Discard Change Token – Send notification emails

– Transmission Phase

  • Configurational Files – export settings.XML,LookuplistMap.XML, Manifest.XML,Requirements.XML,RootObjectMap.XML,UserGroup.XML,ViewForm.XML

– Demo

  • Where to find Content Deployment menu? Central Administration: Application Settings – Content Deployment
  • Note: Blow the site collection off on the destination farm – create a blank site collection
  • Deploy users checkbox is unchecked
  • Power shell can also be used for this one
  • Status : Preparing – Running – (Phase) Exporting..Transmitting..Importing
  • Get-SPContentDeploymentPath (power shell command)
  • (hosting support enabled) – push to cloud

– Quick Deploy demo

  • Create a new page – Publish – Quick Deploy
  • QuickDeployUserGroup members will alone will have access to it

– Demo of Content Deployment through Power Shell Commands


  • Security
  • Hygiene | Health Check | Event Logs | Transactions Logs | Disk space
  • Documentation:
  • Microsoft
  • Power shell scripts
  • Third Party:
  • – AvePoint
  • – RepliWeb ROSS
  • Tips for recovering failed content deployment
  • Is the destination site collection blank
  • Recreate the path and job
  • **Create a fresh blank site collection
  • Content Deployment Manifest Reader
  • MOSS 2007 Service Packs and Cummulative updates
  • Check Trace logs
  • Upgrade to SharePoint 2010



Mark’s Blog:

Web Part Development

By Ishai Sagi


– Visual Studio 2010 SharePoint Tools for developing web parts

– Developing Silverlight Web Part

– Upgrading Microsoft 2007 Web Part

– Performance Tuning

Visual Studio 2010 project properties

Visual Web Part

– Repeater [Cool stuff]

Web Part lifecycle

Silverlight Web Part

“TwitterMap” Web Part on the SharePoint 2010 site,this is available on codeplex

Upgrading SharePoint 2007 Web Parts to SharePoint 2010

– Wsp Builder project just works on the SharePoint 2010 environment


  • Namespaces no longer exist
  • Namespaces that were moved to a new assembly
  • ServerContext is obsolete – this has been replaced by SPServiceContext.Current

Performance Tuning

  • Power shell script
  • This enables the developer dashboard


  • Creating new web parts on SharePoint 2010 is easy
  • WSP will work!!

Ishai’s Blog:

Information Management

By Rai Umair

Will update this section in the coming days,I may have to request the powerpoint slides from Rai,his presentation was great.

  1. Strategize a balance
  2. Nail down information architecture
  3. Focus on Taxonomy
  4. Knowledge management Features:
  • Enterprise Wiki
  • Blog site
  • My site
  • People and enterprise search
  • Social tagging
  • Ratings

Content Management Features:

  • Infrastructure improvements
  • Remote blob storage
  • Search refinements
  • Content query web parts
  • Standard compliance
  • Workflow
  • Assets library
  • Media fields
  • SharePoint Media Player Web Part
  • Site workflows
  • Web Analytics
  • – Content instrumentation
  • – Server instrumentation
  • Tag cloud

Document management features:

  • Content types
  • Batch operations
  • Document centre template
  • Versioning check
  • Checkin checkout
  • Upload and download of documents
  • Enterprise wide content types
  • Managed metadata and keywords
  • DocumentID
  • Rule based submission
  • Document sites
  • Metadata navigation


  • Backstage
  • Co Authoring
  • Client – word, ppt,excel and one note
  • Browser – one note and word
  • SharePoint FAST
  • Metadata
  • Record management features:
  • Record centre
  • Document router
  • Multi stage retention
  • Information Policies
  • Inplace management
  • Compliance details
  • File plan reporting
  • Multiple record centers

That’s it for now,will update this blog more in the coming days

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